Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Holcim cites MGB 10 officials

Officials from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Region 10 were honored by Holcim Philippines Manufacturing Corporation during the Community Relations (ComRel) Committee 5-year
Social Development Program (SDMP) Presentation in Cagayan de Oro City recently.

Plaques of Appreciation were awarded to MGB Regional Director Dario Minoza, Chief Geologist Juanito Manzano, Jr., Mining Engineer Paul Salise and SDMP-IEC Chief Liza Socorro Manzano. Vice President for Operations Bobby Sajonia commended the officials for their valuable support to the company during the crisis brought about by the instability of the limestone quarry in June 2007, triggered by the natural weakening of slopes along faultlines.
RD Minoza and Geologist Liza Socorro Manzano personally received their respective award from VP Sajonia at the ComRel Committee 5-year SDMP Presentation last September 27.
VP Sajonia stated that “relentless effort in closely monitoring and updating all stakeholders of impending hazards and accurate prediction of the collapse caused no harm to people and equipment.”
He lauded the MGB officials for their guidance which contributed to the well-planned actions thus preventing a disaster to happen at their area in Lugait, Misamis Oriental. “This is truly a demonstration of true partnership between government and the private sector,” VP Sajonia stressed.
In his letter to Director Minoza dated August 15, 2007, VP Sajonia said the “actual personal interaction with the Local Government Unit and community people during the crisis meetings which greatly appeased the heightened public emotional tension.”
VP Sajonia assured Director Minoza that Holcim is implementing measures to contain the scree material and the quarry area is now free from pressure. Likewise, there is no more cause for alarm by the community people.
The SDMP-IEC Team headed by Geologist Liza Socorro Manzano wasted no time in conducting Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign to surrounding communities. Interactions with the people in the communities were undertaken by the SDMP-IEC Team. (RPAO, DENR 10)

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