Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mayor Jaraula mulls tight hotel security measures

City Mayor Constantino G. Jaraula expressed alarm over the spate of robbery cases that rocked Cagayan de Oro over the weekend even as he cautioned the association of local hotel owners to tighten their security measures in their respective establishments.

In an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon with the members of the Cagayan de Oro Hotels and Restaurants Association (COHARA) led by its president Nelia Lee, Mayor Jaraula urged the group to adopt new precautionary measures so that a similar incident will never happen again.

Mayor Jaraula feared that the reported robbery incident where the perpetrators gained access to the pawnshop by making a hole on the wooden floor of an adjoining pension house, might adversely affect the image of Cagayan de Oro as a peaceful and investment-friendly city.
The city chief executive proposed to the group a precautionary measure by requiring walk-in customers and patrons in hotels, inns and motels to present their identification card (ID) with photo upon registration before allowing them to check-in.
The proposed “ID system,” according to Mayor Jaraula, will enable hotel security personnel and management personnel to easily track down or monitor suspicious characters or criminal elements posing as customers during their stay.
Other security measures proposed by the mayor include the installation of closed-circuit surveillance cameras at the hotel front desk, strict baggage inspection and alertness and vigilance by hotel personnel.
Mayor Jaraula immediately convened the group after police reports reached his office that a pawnshop and a cable company situated in Divisoria area were reportedly victimized by burglary over the weekend.
“I want you all alerted and be protected over these incidents (robberies),”Jaraula warned COHARA members who were obviously stunned upon learning from the mayor that the alleged suspects of the pawnshop robbery have stayed for five days in a room of a pension house located just below the pawnshop.
Mayor Jaraula believed that the pawnshop robbery was well-planned by perpetrators as the incident happened on Saturday evening during Night Cafe or early Sunday dawn this weekend where throngs of people flock the area thereby carrying on their heist unnoticeable by security guards or policemen.
The robbery suspects reportedly made a hole underneath the bed using sophisticated tools and devices then slipped inside the pawnshop and forcibly opened the safety deposit box, carting away over P2 Million in cash and jewelries.
“We have to improve our security system because we are dealing with sophisticated thieves,” Mayor Jaraula told hotel and restaurant owners and managers.
Police operatives and National Bureau of Investigation agents are now probing the twin robbery incidents. (Cagayan de Oro City Information Office)

Oro’s CLENRO nets P1.5Million from quarry, mining in 2007
The City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) has earned for the city government a total of P1,599,244.00 from small-scale mining operations and quarrying within the city territory last year.
Benjamin D. Salvador, senior environmental management specialist of CLENRO disclosed in his annual accomplishment report to City Mayor Constantino G. Jaraula that his office issued a total of 44 permits for sand and gravel and mining last year.
Salvador said that from the mining operations of small-scale mining operators, the city government collected a total of P492,114.00 and another P1,107,730 from sand and gravel operations.
Based on the CLENRO annual report, a total of 6,899 tons of copper ore ; 120 cubic meters of phyllite schist and 53,106 cubic meters of sand and gravel were extracted by the mining operators in the city last year.
The CLENRO revealed that of the total number of small-scale mining permits issued last year, 17 permits are now being processed for renewal, 13 applications for sand and gravel permits were approved and the remaining 10 permits have already expired.
It can be recalled that in the last quarter of 2007, Mayor Jaraula had ordered a stop to the issuance of mining permits for all firms and individuals involved in small-scale metallic mining in the city.
Mayor Jaraula put on hold the applications for mining permit renewals late last year to give time for the concerned local and national government agencies to streamline and rationalize the existing mining laws, rules and regulations in the city and the country.
He added that the city government should take the lead role in preventing the exploitation of the remaining resources of the city and to monitor the mining activities within the city. (Cagayan de Oro City Information Office)

PPP goes to Kauswagan on Valentine’s Day
City Government officials and employees will celebrate Valentine’s Day with the holding of this year’s first round of the People to People Program in barangay Kauswagan, this city.

City Mayor Constantino G. Jaraula will lead the city government workforce in delivering basic services to the residents during the PPP on February 14, which will be held at the barangay hall compound of Barangay Kauswagan.
Along this, Mayor Jaraula enjoined the people in Kauswagan to avail of the services that will be offered for free during the whole-day activity.
Among the basic government services that will be offered during the PPP in Kauswagan next week are medical and dental consultation, distribution of free medicines and multi-vitamin supplements, nutritional feeding, late registration of births, free reading of books, veterinary service, distribution of fruit and vegetable seedlings, processing of building and electrical permits, tax mapping, business registration and issuance of community tax certificates.
Other services that will be offered during the PPP in Kauswagan are free legal consultation, acceptance of tax payments, tourism exhibit, youth counseling, and traffic education and orientation seminar.
Another highlight of the city government’s outreach service is the mass wedding ceremony where Mayor Jaraula will solemnize the wedding of couples who have already been living together for at least five years.
Couples who wish to take part in the mass wedding ceremony are advised to inquire from the Local Civil Registry or through the Barangay Council of Kauswagan for additional details. (Cagayan de Oro City Information Office)


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