Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Medina mayor orders Merwasco manager to explain water-borne diseases

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Medina town mayor Sulpicio Uyguangco has ordered the manager of Medina Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Cooperative (MERWASCO) to explain the reported alarming presence of water-borne diseases which had resulted to the alleged diarrhea cases in the said municipality.
Told to explain in writing by the mayor within 48 hours was Engr. Arnito Obedencio, manager of Merwasco.
Uyguangco’s order came after the rural health unit submitted its findings regarding the reported presence of bacteria which made the water supply no longer potable for safe drinking by the residence. The finding was signed by municipal health officer Dra. Alma Enriquez. In her report, Enriquez said the water supply of the municipality during the incumbency of Engr. Arnito Obedencio as Merwasco manager was now unsafe for drinking bevause of the presence of some bacterias.
Mayor Uyguangco feared that if this so-called alarming situation would not be solved immediately lethal diseases such as Cholera and Dysentery will victimize the town residents.
In his report, Engr. Obedencio regretted the delayed submission of progress report, saying that his office has resorted immediately giving solutions to the problem before it could victimize more residents.
He said immediate actions were top priorities of his office upon learning there were the presence of water borne disease called faecal coliform in some areas which needed immediate actions. Obedencio said he was informed by the rural health unit on June 2, 2008 regarding the reported cases of diarrhea. With his problem, he said, they needed to re-chlorinate water sources and other immediate measures to remedy the situation.
Obedencio assured the municipal mayor to remedy the situation as soon as possible as well as back the potable water supply in its normal days to be safe for drinking from all walks of life.
Meanwhile, the municipality of Medina, Misamis Oriental recently was given a patrol car from the province. The mayor said the successful receipt of the police vehicle is realized because of his efforts.
The town’s police chief SInsp. Oscar Polegrates said his office very glad with the arrival of the patrol car so that they can maximize their patrol operations and police visibility activities and programs.


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