Friday, October 10, 2008


The Cagayan de Oro News Online is published by Real Review Publishing. If you have queries you can reach us at

If you want to advertise with us, the
following are our advertising rates:

1. Text Link Ads - P2,000 per month
We just simply put an anchor text which is clickable going directly to your website or the business or products you want to advertise online. Ex. for this is Pryce Plaza. Please see sample in our sidebar ads.

2. Picture Ads/ Logo Ads - P 3,000 per month
This is simply a photo pictire, a logo or any design which is also directly linked to your website. Ex. is United News Ads layuout but this advertiser has no website yet so that we cannot link to their website.

3. Flash ads - P5,000 per month
This is a moving ads which gives more eye catching to our visitors. An example of this ad is our 125x125 side bar ads below United News ad.

Cagayan de Oro News Online is Top 5 in the search engines for keywords cagayan de oro news, cagayan de oro news online among the millions of blogs competing for these keywords. This means we have a good number of visitors per day and this is good news for our advertisers.

Our live traffic everyday provided by Feedjet is a great sign we have worldwide visitors.

Advertise with is now and you are on the right track. Never advertise in companies that are not found in the top 10 for search engine rankings because the probability of seeing your ads is very low.

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