Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Webmaster launches for Oro websites and bloggers

By Joel Escol
Good news for people in Cagayan de Oro and elsewhere in the world who are managing Oro-based websites or bloggers maintaining their own blogs.

A Cagayan de Oro-based webmaster recently opened to accommodate the listings of webmasters and bloggers coming from Cagayan de Oro, and whose blogs that are all about the city – be it in business, cagayan de oro real estate, cagayan de oro hotels, destinations, Cagayan de Oro night life, sports and all other stuff which gives life to what has been going on in the “City of Golden Friendship and Opportunities. “

Runel Piquero of said this is a great help for bloggers to get listed so that more and more Oro-based bloggers would know each other as soon as forums are in place. “Other bloggers in Davao and General Santos are organized and I hope with this listing we can have the opportunity to meet one of these days.”

He cited that there are many bloggers in the city but they are not given the opportunity to know each other. “Bloggers have good visions for the city as well as for themselves and they should be organized soon.”

This site is also a great help for all bloggers and businessmen all over the globe who want to know more about the city, as this would already mean a one-stop-shop for them. They can easily find what information about the city they would want to know.

“Through this listing everyone will easily know upcoming events in the city because they can find news magazines as listed here. Basically, all the information will become available soon when our listing becomes complete,” the webmaster pointed out.


Hi There!

Thank you very much for featuring Cagayan de Oro Listings! This would be a big help to organize all Oro Websites and blogs.

Thank you very much....

Cagayan de Oro Listings

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