Monday, November 17, 2008

RDO Palala relieve as Oro revenue collector

A controversial lady revenue district collector of the Bureau of Internal Revenue District 98 has been ordered relieved from her office in Cagayan de Oro City.

BIR national commissioner Sixto Esquivas IV in a memorandum order dated November 11, 2008 and sent last week has ordered the relived of BIR revenue collector Ester Palala and transferred her to the national office in Manila.

Revenue Travel Reassignment order (RTRO) No 220-2008 confirmed Palala’s relief as well as designates her as Technical Assistant to the BIR Commissioner’s Office in Manila. Palala’s relieved order was also received last November 13, 2008 by the regional office.

The memorandum order also instructed the lady revenue collector to be cleared first of inventory of papers, property responsibilities, correspondence in her possession before she will leave for new assignment in Manila.

Palala was recently accused by her regional director Mustapha Gandarosa of allegedly accepting bribes from a local businessman in the city in 2006, which she also immediately denied.

Gandarosa also accused Palala of orchestrating the ouster move against him as regional director of BIR Revenue Region No 16.

Few years ago Palala was already meted Persona Non Grata by the City government of Cagayan de Oro for her failure to attend several invitations from City Councilors and to shed light on earlier corruption issues lodged by the city’s businessmen.


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