Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New KMPH Office blessing successful

The simple blessing of KMPH Web Solutions office on December 18, 2008 was very successful.

A priest from the Roman Catholic Church led the usual ceremonial blessing with IA-KMPH UMB Alfredo Gala, staff and guests holding several lighted candles.

After which, the food was served and KMPH staff and guests enjoyed sumptuous lunch together with UBM Gala.

After the ceremonial office blessing and lunch, picture taking of the KMPH staff also followed which eventually ended the activity of the day.

The KMPH cake ready for slice...

The ceremonial blessing ceremony...

The happy faces of KMPH staff...

Even the guests also enjoyed the blessing ceremony...


Oist naa naman d i ko ani ahaaha oink oink nice post

Thanks Reneband. Keep visiting.

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