Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Soriano: Martial Law is good option to change leadership

Executive Editor

Black and White Movement convenor for Northern Mindanao, Lawyer Antonio Soriano said Martial Law is the best option for a total change in governance.

He said people of the country are no longer interested in people power because they think it is not a solution to the worsening economic problems of the Filipinos.

“When martial law is proclaimed military can take over while we also look for the new president,” the lawyer said, adding that impeachment and other forms of protest actions can no longer invite people to participate.

Soriano said impeachment is already dead few years ago and it’s useless for lawmakers and other opposition groups to continue their plans to impeach the president.
“Botohan man gud na sa congress so kanunay gyud pilde and oposisyon. Useless kayo kung kanunay nato balik balikon ang impeachment,” the corporate lawyer said.

Kristin Lim of Bayan Muna told reporters that from December 1-10 there will be series of protests from various militant groups in the city as well as in some areas in Mindanao in line with the celebration of the Human Rights Month.
She said farmers, workers, students, and other sectors in society would be airing their protest actions, grievances and other forms of protests on various issues and concerns hounding the president.

“Padayon kita sa atong mga protesta sa dili maayo nga palakad sa rehimeng Arroyo,” Lim told reporters in an interview.


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