Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bombings in Mindanao will scare investors again, says Cagayan de o chamber execs

Military officers and men are now on alert status in Jolo after a bomb explosion Thursday kills four innocent civilians and injures almost a hundred. The military immediately blame the terrorist group operating in Mindanao as the alleged culprit of the reported bombings in Southern Philippines – Photo by AJ Corral


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A former president of cagayan de Oro’s premier business organization told the media the recent bombings in key areas in Mindanao will scare again investors coming to the island.

A bomb recently exploded near a Roman Catholic Church in IIigan City and injured residents. On that same day bomb experts in Cagayan de Oro also intercepted a bomb at the city’s mall when an informant tipped off the presence of a suspicious bag near the mall’s entrance.

Two days later twin bombings were also reported in Jolo and Cotabato City killing at least 6 people and injuring almost a hundred.

Ruben vegafria, former president of the Cagayan de oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Oro Chamber) revealed in an interview with a local radio station in Cagayan de Oro that these bombings will certainly ruin investors’ confidence and scare away some interested local businessmen in the country.

“Although Cagayan de Oro is relatively peaceful but it would be affected because it is still part of Mindanao.”

Elpidio Paras, another former president of the Oro Chamber, has remained optimistic.
“In spite of what is happening in our periphery, we are still the most peaceful region in the country,” Paras said.


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