Wednesday, July 1, 2009

United News Today newspaper soft launch today

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The soft launch of Mindanao’s premier national newspaper will be held today to signal its commitment to serve the information needs of people from all walks of life in Southern Philippines, as well as in the entire Philippine archipelago.

Ms Gigi Yap of Century Vine company, publisher of United News Today, said in an exclusive interview that the paper’s office will be based in Cagayan de Oro but it will circulate in Mindanao and the imperial Manila area.

“Actually our grand launch will be on July 8 but during our soft launch today we will be circulating our newspaper already,” she explained.

Yap said aside from publishing the premier national paper based in Cagayan de Oro they are also committed to serve the other needs of their clients such as in events and promotions, real estate, and other businesses.

“United News Today newspaper is dedicated to bridge the gap between Christians, Muslims and Chinese and we are committed to inform the public of the good news we can get from these sector of society.”

Yap said there should be strong ties and relationship between the Muslims, the Chinese and the Christian to promote peace in the entire island of Mindanao.

The Century Vine company owner said they are aggressively marketing the newspaper in the island and revealed a 150-strong marketing and sales force to augment the full business operation of the newspaper.

“We have a strong sales force and agents of 150 people and we are aggressively committing ourselves to market the paper anywhere in Mindanao,” Yap concluded.


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