Monday, September 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: GMA actor saves ABS-CBN actress during Ondoy typhoon havoc

It’s unusual for the competing television network to happen, yet it happen because one man from GMA network never thought of competition, in times of a dire need of an ABS-CBN actress.

Young and talented actor from GMA, Richard Guttierez, at around 9pm when Typhoon Ondoy was wrecking havoc in the entire Metro Manila and in Luzon, managed to go to Provident Village, where actress Kristine Reyes lives and saved her atop their ancestral home.

Guttierez told reporters he received text messages from the actress asking for some help such as rescuing her. “She even said goodbye which really touched me,” he narrated.

The actress on the other said she and her family stayed at the rooftop of their house for 12 hours before they were rescued by her brothers and of Richard Guttierez. “My brothers were the first to come to our house to rescue and I told them to rescue first my nieces since all of us cannot be accommodated in the rubber boat,” she said.

She added Richard suddenly came and responded to her text messages. I just told Chard there were colored lights he can see and these lights will give him signal it was already our house. Thanks God he arrived to save us from danger.”

The story of Richard and Kristine of two rival television network is one shining example that in times of need love to fellowmen shall prevail and not the pride of being under the roof of one network or competing companies.

The video below taken by an amateur video shows how Typhoon Ondoy wrecked havoc in Metro Manila which caught many people by surprise.


Oo, one good example nga... ito naman ang nabasa ko sa wikipidea ni Richard Gutierrez: (

"In September of 2009, Gutierrez saved actress (and co-star) Cristine Reyes who was stranded with her family in Provident Village, in Marikina City. After the rescue operation, Gutierrez called in a press conference to discuss how he saved Reyes' life by borrowing a friend's speedboat. According to residents in Provident Village who have seen Gutierrez, the actor used a rubber boat and not a speed boat, and refused to rescue and help other residents who asked for his help."

Ah, si Cristine Reyes lang pala tinulungan niya... kever siya sa mga nadaanan niyang iba na humingi ng tulong. Galing niyang aktor ano? haaaayyyy...

Thanks Robs. You have a very notable comment. Actually, when I wrote this story I don't anymore research for the negative thoughts about Richard because I mainly focused on the positive things he did with Christine Reyes.

I just wanted to encourage people to help those in need and Richard's act of heroism saving a woman in distress at 9pm while darkness looms and you can't really see anyone.

Thanks again and good luck.

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