Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Uptown Malling Experience at SM City Cagayan de Oro

By Joel C. Escol

I get excited of my malling experience at SM City Cagayan de Oro because it would be first time for me to use my credit card. I also get excited as the mall has all what I need – from groceries, food, dry goods, clothing, shoes and all. My God! I was kind of puzzled how I can minimize my shopping experience budget in the country’s biggest and famous mall that is now in the “City of Golden Friendship.” In my second thought, I am afraid I can become a lavish spender because of my credit card. However, I also thought this is already my chance to shop what I badly need to purchase. I knew it would only take me several minutes to purchase what goods are in my mind now.

Then I said to myself “P20,000.00 would be enough for this first ever shopping experience in the country’s biggest chain of malls.” So I hurriedly visit the shoes shop store and purchase my first ever expensive pair of shoes. Alas! The prize of the Merrell shoes is P8,000.00. I realized I am only buying a shoes worth a thousand or below and now it’s P8,000? Okay fine. I want to feel being rich even in a single day and experience financial freedom. So, my worries about budget are suddenly gone. It’s not a dream anyway, it’s for real! Then after I bought my first ever expensive and branded shoes. I also bought the famous clothing lines of Express, Lacost, Champion, etc. I bought all the colors of the shirts. My beloved wife Vangie also bought hers and my son Vanjoe his famous Play Station 3.

Exactly six in the evening we had our sumptuous dinner at Jollibee. I told my son we have to eat at the most expensive restaurant but a kid as he is he preferred to dine at Jollibee, maybe because this is the most appropriate for him being a kid. I remember that when he was a kid we would always visit SM Cagayan de Oro and dined at Jollibee because this is all where he wants to eat. In fact, we all have the freebies that Jollibee gave and most of them were Disneyland and Marvel characters. My son would always love the X-men characters.

Honestly, SM City Cagayan de Oro has become our relaxation place because it is only a minute ride from our housing unit at Oro Habitat for Humanities in Barangay Canitoan.

With my malling experience using my credit card I can always say the rich and well off families are really enjoying their lives. They have all the leisure of life. To experience and feel like rich is really a wonderful experience at SM City cagayan de Oro. Now I realized that even if you are only an average family you can still enjoy life at this mall in Cagayan de Oro.

Financial freedom would always mean living your life to the fullest. I was there once.


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