Saturday, November 14, 2009

Manny Pacquiao stops Cotto power via 12 round TKO

It’s over for the Manny Pacquiao - Miguel Cotto hype as the Filipino boxing icon has proven once again he is the real pound for pound king, by knocking out the Puerto Rican fighter in earlier rounds and finally stopping him at the final 12 round by TKO. The referee had to stopped the fight due to severe beating of the Pacman of Miguel Cotto.

Actually, in the 10th of the fight, I can sense that Cotto has already surrendered literally to the Pacman power as he kept on evading the Filipino warrior. Being the champion and holder of the welterweight crown that Manny challenged, Cotto should not be in a retreating mode but more of an aggressive boxer, out to depend his title.

Pacquiao’s win over Cotto was a history in boxing, being the first fighter of the world who now holds seven different titles. Great Mexican boxer Oscar dela Hoya who also succumbed to Pacquiao’s fists, had only his six titles to kept for life.   

In round three and four of the 12-round fight, Pacman knocked Cotto out. Although he recovered from Pacman’s finishing blows, but it was the most painful moment that the Puerto Rican had started to feel the punching power of the Filipino warrior trained scientifically as a fighting machine, with the scientific training of trainer Freddie Roach.

In the 10th round Cotto had already slowed down and seems to surrender the fight by retreating, an act that depending champions like him should avoid. With his face clubbered and beaten white and blue, what’s left on Cotto was pride to still keep the fight until the 12th round. It was the referee’s decision to finally stop the fight as the once fearless warrior Miguel Cotto has become a coward slugger.

Indeed the fight was one of the historic fights of the year when the Asian boxer climbed the ring of Las Vegas and probed to become the first prized boxer who garnered seven different titles.


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