Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao Wins!

Written By: JOEL ESCOL
The world’s greatest fighter of all time, Manny “the Pacman” Pacquiao, has won against challenger Timothy “the Destroyer” Bradley in a much contested and controversial fight of the year. Well, I saw the fight, and I was also convinced he won against Bradley but my score was quite closed. It means the fight was for Pacquiao but only in a very little margin. 

Bradley won in the first three rounds in my score card if I was to be the judge of the game. From rounds 4 and until 11th I will give it to Pacquiao, then the last round was for Bradley again. I am not favoring Pacquiao just because I am a Filipino but Bradley has failed to prove very convincingly that he was the real winner in the bout. I’d rather that the judges decided it a draw than favoring somebody who has not really proven his worth. Can you imagine a winner that kept backing off because he was afraid of the Pacman? In the last five rounds of the 12 round-brawl, the Destroyer Bradley had kept on retreating as if he wanted to stop the fight because he was exhausted.

I’m sure if it was to be a text vote inside the MGM Grand, majority of those present there, even the Americans, would vote for the Pacman. What a game! I am afraid and suspected there was a cheater behind it.

Solid punches
If you are going to review the video during the fight, Pacquiao has landed a lot of clear and solid combination of punches as against Bradley. All of Bradley’s punches only landed at the hands of Pacquiao who had carefully covered his face. In fact, Pacquiao admitted most of the punches of the Destroyer landed at his hands which covered his face. If there were times Pacquiao was hit by Bradley’s counter-punches, it’s not very clear and solid ones.

"I didn't listen to the announcement because I thought I had won [verdicts from] all the judges," Filipino southpaw Pacquiao told reporters after ending an unbeaten run of 15 bouts.

"I respect the decision but 100 percent I believe I won the fight. I don't even remember if he hurt me one punch. He got me with a couple of jabs but I don't remember if he hit me a solid punch in my face.

"I give Bradley credit, maybe three rounds for him because in some rounds I relax. Aside from three rounds, every round I hurt him."

Planned game
I heard rumors that the game was already meant that way…that Pacman will be defeated because there is already planned rematch on November 6, and the fight was allegedly for the money only. I hope those were only rumors and were not true as others believed the fight to be. Lutong macao, ika nga. Honestly, I was really disgruntled of the result. However, the decisionof the judges are final and we have nothing to do but to respect it. This also happened in the second rematch between Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. That game, however, I was also convinced Marquez won. So, this fight now is the same with that previous fight between Manny and Marquez. I’m sure a lot of Filipinos and the Pacquiao fans all over the world would feel the game was stolen from Pacquiao. At least for now, Marquez has all the laughter and contentment. Pacman has felt now what Marques has also felt before.  

Pacquiao wins in my score sheet. How about you? -- with a report from GMA news


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