Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watch Pacquiao Bradley Livestream Today

Texts: Joel Escol

The much awaited face-off between two of the world most celebrated boxers of the decade will finally have their final boxing match today, June 9, 2012 (June 10 in the Philippines). Now, the question lies who among the two fighters will be knocked out, as both have claimed to knock each other out in the canvass come fighting moment? For the fans all over the world, you can see the Pacquiao Bradley live stream online, so start browsing now while the fight has not started yet.

The Philippines and the world’s greatest Fighter Manny Pacquiao is highly favored in this brawl but Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley is not stunned by the observations of boxing experts and analysts in all corners of the world. He said his training is “hell,” and this makes him the best performer in this fight, while the Pacman also claimed contrary to Bradley, saying that his boxing training is also “heaven.” The Pacquiao vs Bradley live stream is what you should be looking now over the net.

Well, much has been said about the two greatest boxers of the world and we will see later the better man in the ring. Will it be the Pacman or the Desert Storm?

In my own opinion for this, the fight is not over yet and everyone has chances of grabbing the world’s welterweight belt. While it’s true that Pacquiao has all the advantage but remember also that Bradley is undefeated and at the peak of his career. This means he would do everything and fight to the death if only to prove to the Pacquiao fans and the boxing experts that they were wrong in the earlier judgment over the outcome of the fight. So, if you have not found the site online, you should start searching for the Pacquiao Bradley live stream online now!


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