Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why You Want A Cyberya Minigosyo?


I just read this contest today while browsing some Facebok pages but I got interested because Cyberya Minigosyo is currently helping a lot of people in the country. In fact, they are helping average families to earn more, as an added income of the family. The income derive from the share of this business will help in paying important bills such as water, electricity bill and more.

The following are my basic reasons why I want a Cyberya Minigosyo.

=>  I work from home and my salary is not enough to support my own family. While I only have one kid but her wife is also living with me, and they have now their own daughter too. Our expenses basically increased double as a result from them deciding to stay with us. I believe that having this business will empower me to add additional income.
   =>     The Filipinos are fun of browsing the internet. If I will have this business, I’m sure I will earn everyday. Even if you are far from the city, as long as you can still be reached by the internet, then this business is always a good venture.
3=>     The Filipinos are fun of listening to music. Since this machine is also able to give quality choices for songs, many young kids from high school would always love to hear their favorite songs.

4=>    The Filipinos are fun of watching movies. I have observed that young and adult alike are regularly visiting the net cafes during weekends because they just want to enjoy watching movies. There are a lot of movies over YouTube and other channels which could give you the best movies you want. You will not only enjoy watching but you will have great savings. If you go to movie cinemas, I’m sure the ticket is more than a hundred, but going to YouTube movies will only ask you to pay Fifteen Pesos (P15.00), considering that a movie could only consume an hour.

5=> Cyberya is a big help to school children. The internet is a worldwide library of information. I have seen this as a big opportunity for many young school children and college student alike whenever they need to research for their assignments. I have two computers at home and I rented one to interested neighbors and I found out that many students are doing their daily assignments online. With the advent of the internet, gone were the days, where, using the school library is on a limited time only. Of course, during night time, you can no longer do a research on school libraries because they’re only open during school days. But the internet can give you up to 12 midnight and you can easily find a Cyberya in the neighborhood. Using the internet is not only for Facebook but making good use of it for student research is a prime example of what the net can do in a very positive note. Having a cyberya minigosyo, I will be able to help students learn more about their lessons in school.

6=>     A good start up business to consider. Since the internet is the “in thing” today, I consider this as a good start up business for businessmen having only a small capital to start a legitimate business. You can start with 1 unit then expand your business as you save for more investments in the future.

7=>     A livelihood for average people. For average people, having one unit of this Cyberya Minigosyo will be able to help you pay the electricity bill, the water bill or the phone bill. Even if you only have a total of 10,000 gross income and 40 percent is your share, still this is a good livelihood business to consider. If you have a multi-purpose coop in the village, you can venture in this kind of business. Remember that your target market is anywhere in the country. Millions upon million of people, young and adults, need the internet to surf, meet new friends, find old classmates, listen to music, do online business and all there is to do online.

So what you are waiting for now, consider yourself to have at least one of this Cyberya Minigosyo and you are only a walk away from your dream business that matter most to you in the coming months.


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