Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to develop confidence in yourself instead of shyness

Not being able to speak what is in your mind means you don’t have self-confidence. 

Then more likely, you are too shy to be in a crowd of professionals who are good conversationalists and who love talking anything under the sun.

There are people who are too shy that they cannot blend in the crowd. All they want is to sit in just one corner and observe everything that goes around. You might ask, “Are they happy being like that?” Certainly, the answer is “no.” And if you are one of these, then you are certainly missing the fun. So stop being a shy person and grow. 

Here are a few tips to develop self-confidence.

Love yourself. Everyone is unique and even if you are not born beautiful or handsome, it’s okay. Be proud of yourself and don’t focus much on what others think about you. 

Don’t let your imagination go wild by being too concerned about other people’s views about you. More often than not, they are wrong. You know yourself more than they do.

Be calm. Wherever you are and whatever you do, it pays to be calm all the time. Don’t allow fears to ruin your day. When you are in an unexpected situation, condition your mind and relax. It allows you to think better.

Be positive. Most often, low self-esteem is being linked to negativity so stay away from thinking negative things. You will fail in a test if you keep on thinking that you are doomed to fail. Don’t ever think of something as a failure when you haven’t even tried it in the first place.

Be a goal-setter. What do you want to do in your life? Do you want to remain shy forever and never get to enjoy life? If you love skiing but you are afraid to try, now is the time to do it. Wanting to watch that movie you have been waiting for? Then go out of your comfort zone and watch it. Review your bucket list and do something to make it happen. Do at least one thing every day that can make you happy.

Exercise. Stretching your muscles and doing breathing exercises can help you think well, aside from keeping you fit. When you are fit and is in a good state of mind, you can have confidence to do anything that your heart desires. The effect of exercise on your physical well being would leave you feeling great all the time.

Be ready to accept mistakes. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Having confidence in yourself can also mean admitting the mistakes you have done in your life. 

They say “experience is the best teacher” so just consider those mistakes as your best teacher ever.

Take chances. Do not be afraid to take chances. How would you know you will get the job if you will not apply for it? Don’t ever think that you are not good enough. If you are highly qualified, then go, hit the button and send in your resumé.


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