Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to erase shyness in adults

Do you always feel anxious every time someone you do not know tries to talk to you? Do you feel uneasy when attending any social event, especially when it is held in a place that you are not familiar with? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” chances are, you are suffering from chronic shyness.

Adults who sometimes feel shy in certain occasions don’t have to worry because this is just normal. People would sometimes feel awkward when in an unfamiliar place or when they are with strangers. But when shyness has kept on occurring even when they are with people they know, this no longer normal. There could be something wrong with them that can only be identified by professionals.

Chronic shyness is not easy to overcome, especially if you already have it since childhood. It may affect your personal and social behavior, and growth. But it can completely be reversed with patience and proper attitude.

So how can chronic shyness in adults be treated? Here are a few tips.

Know the cause. There must be something that triggers the shyness behavior. 

Assess yourself what made you feel shy in the first place. Shyness can be due to fear that is related to rejection and insecurity. You might not have developed a sense of confidence in yourself since childhood which went through even into adulthood. You are not proud of yourself and all the things that you can do. You would always feel that other people will never get to like you because of this that’s why you refrain from meeting new people. But it is not yet too late to reverse all this. All you need to do is to erase all the negative feelings that come into your mind. Be positive. Why do you feel insecure? What is there to be insecured about? If you are not really that handsome or beautiful and you feel insure about it, remember that physical appearance is not a gauge for friendship. 

What matters most is your inner self and attitude. Acceptance of your overall well-being is one step to treating your insecurities.

Practice breathing techniques. When you are attending social events and you feel like you are about to have an anxiety attack, just take a deep breath. It can help you feel calm and allows you to clear your mind of anything that worries you.

Appreciate yourself. Not all people are the same. Everyone is unique in his/her own way so embrace yourself, totally. This can help you boost your self-confidence.

Always wear your best smile. Feeling happy all the time can help you release all the fears you feel. Smiling is one way to have a positive outlook. You can still smile even if you are shy. It is free, after all. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Try to slowly get over with your shyness by getting out of your comfort zone. Explore the world and your surroundings. Try new adventures. You will later realize there is more to life than the four corners of your home.


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