Thursday, February 12, 2015

Buxxu Exec Reveals best Gift for Valentine's Day

A top-ranking executive of Buxxu Company in the United States has revealed one of the best gifts for the heart's day.

Jewlz Schulz, Buxxu Company Sales Officer revealed the other day that the copper mug is the newest sensation when it comes to buying the best gifts for Valentine's Day. "While it's true that jewelries and chocolates are among the best choices, but it's been there for decades," he pointed out.

Schulz added that people should look for the new ones in gift stores because it already becomes a tradition and if their loved ones receive the same gifts every year, then it becomes monotonous already. "The surprises are always there if one gives new Valentine's gift every year," he said.

Magz Dawn, for her part said Valentine's Day is always a very memorable event for women, so that men should always look up this day as special.

"And to make this a special day, the mean should look for the best gifts to present to their loved ones such as the copper mug. This is will surely add glamour to the celebration. Of course love is always there when is very thoughtful to make their special someone close to their hearts," Ms Dawn stressed.

Earlier this month, a lot of people from all over the world visited the Amazon store and purchased the copper mug.

"I  have purchased two since I am really amazed at how elegant this copper mug for wedding  and valentine's gifts. I also told me friends to visit the amazon store and buy the same product," Julie Silver concluded.


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