Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to erase the shyness attitude of your kids?

It is not surprising that some children are shy and don’t want to mingle with other children and adults. Sometimes, they just want to play with themselves and don’t want other people to intrude and mess with their playtime. 

Children are normal human beings who also have their share of happy and sad moments, just like any normal adult. During sad moments, they sometimes don’t like to play and just want to lock themselves up in their room. If you have children who act like this, you don’t have to worry because this is completely normal.

However, if your children would always lock themselves up in their room and are always out in almost all social gatherings, this is the time to get worried. There could be something wrong with them. 

Children who don’t want to be in any social event can be shy. They don’t want to talk and don’t want to be in the limelight. They constantly avoid contact with other children. 

Shy children could be suffering from low self-esteem and are always insecure of the things around them. They feel they are not accepted and they cannot keep up with what adults expect them to do. 

Chronic shyness in children could also be due to an unexplainable feeling of fear that they cannot handle. Most often, they feel anxious when in a social gathering. 

Parents can do something to help their shy children become active and friendly, though this cannot be done overnight. What’s important is parents have to be armed with lots of patience. 

Here are some tips that can help parents reverse the chronic shyness of their children.

Host an activity in your home. Shy children would usually refuse to attend social events but if it is held in your home and attended by other kids within your neighborhood that your children personally know, they would surely make time to join. Hosting activities that involve socializing in your home is one step to opening a “friendship” zone for your shy children. Home is where your shy kids would feel comfortable, familiar and safe. As parents, you can do a lot of things to make new acquaintances and friendships possible for your shy children. Just one note to remember though, never force your shy kids to make friends if they don’t want to. This would never work. You have to create a situation where they can open up and interact with other kids at their own time. One activity that can surely make your child interact with other kids is a Lego Party.

Understand the feeling of your children. Learn to understand what your shy children are thinking and feeling. If possible, make situations that would allow them to open up and share their feelings. By allowing your children to let go of their feelings, you can set up a situation where you can later facilitate any possible interaction with other children.

Avoid scolding your shy children. It won’t do good if you keep on scolding your children for behaving inappropriately especially when they are with other children.


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