Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Overcome Low Self-confidence?

Some people have low self-confidence that they cannot do the things they want  to do. Sometimes, they just watch in the sides and feel envy at others who are confident enough to do any challenging adventures that life can offer.
Most often, individuals who have low self-confidence are those who suffer from chronic shyness. They are so shy that they don’t even have the courage to speak out whatever is in their minds. They just keep their views and opinions to themselves for fear that other people would criticize them or would never accept their opinion.
Shyness is normal if it doesn’t hinder the person from enjoying life. The shyness that a person feels will eventually fade away through time, especially if that person is doing things that can help him/her overcome the feeling.
If you are one of those who often experience chronic shyness, here are a few tips to help you overcome this and increase your self-confidence.
Be positive. Positive thinking will reflect on your overall disposition so it would greatly help if you brush away all negative thoughts. Love yourself. Nobody would ever love you more than yourself so start believing in things that you can do. Believe in yourself. Don’t be affected by what other people would say about you. If they think you are an “introvert” or a “weird” person, let them be. You know yourself better than them.
Always wear a smile. People who have great confidence in themselves always smile even if they have problems. 
Smiling is one trait that can attract good vibes. And it can reduce stress too.
Be grateful. Never complain about the things that you don’t have. Instead, focus on what you have and be thankful for it. Relax. Make time to relax and be calm. When you are under stress or is put in an unexpected situation, don’t panic. Be calm. It would do good if you do deep breathing exercises to release all the tensions in your mind and body.
Practice self talk. Stand in front of the mirror and practice talking to yourself. This is practically helpful if you always feel shy talking in front of a crowd. This also allows you to see your body language in the mirror while you talk. Just remember to make eye contact when talking to other people.
Good posture. Most often, people who have low self-confidence walk slouch so don’t show that you are one of them. Keep your chin up and walk with your head up. Be observant. Shy people often don’t talk when in a social gathering. However, even if you don’t want to talk, be observant of the things around you. Just observe, never judge other people. When you start to observe instead of judging other people around you, your mind will be opened and you get to learn new things. This will also help you stop thinking negative things.
Overcoming shyness is one way to building your self-confidence. Support from family and friends is also needed for persons who are trying to overcome shyness.


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