Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Most Effective Ways To Overcome Shyness

Majority of people would often feel awkward and will unconsciously show a feeling of shyness when exposed to unfamiliar events or situations. This reaction is just normal. It is actually the body’s natural response to things that a person is not used to seeing or feeling.

When a person has been exposed to the same situations and events repeatedly, he or she would no longer feel shy. 

However, there are people who would still feel shy even if they are already familiar with the people and situations in their surroundings.

Chronic shyness can be socially and emotionally crippling because people who suffer from this condition definitely have no social life. They would often just stay home or within their comfort zone. They have no self-confidence to try on new things and they would always feel anxious when they are in a group of people.

If you are trapped in the same situation, you can overcome chronic shyness. Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. When in a group, overcome your shyness by taking the first step. Introduce yourself. 

Do not delve on the idea that people around you will not be interested in you. Make friends and find someone who will respond positively.

2. Avoid bragging your achievements or anything that can elevate your status when attending social events. You don’t have to do this just to be accepted. Be humble instead. This way, more people will get interested on you because they like your attitude and sooner than you think, you gain more friends.

3. Carry and project yourself well, never mind if you are not wearing branded clothes and shoes. Let your personality show by the way you smile and talk, not on your dress. 

Although physical appearance may count a lot when trying to win new friends and acquaintances, it is not solely the gauge for friendship and acceptance. Show the real you without pretentions and they will accept you just the way you are.

Chronic shyness may not be easy to overcome and won’t go away overnight, but it can be done, little by little, even with less effort.


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