Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shyness In A Crowd of Strangers

It is not unusual for people to feel shy especially when they are in a crowd of strangers. 

Sometimes, this feeling of shyness would persist even when there are already familiar faces around.

Though some people can be quick to overcome the shyness that they feel, there are others who can’t seem to get over it. Some even lasts for so many years, even from childhood to adulthood. This kind of shyness can be troublesome since it can affect the personal development and overall life of the person. He/she will have no friends or don’t have groups to hang out to. Worse, he/she might become the object of fun by some people. 

Shy people are expected to have low self-confidence. They don’t have the courage to try on new things because they fear they would be criticized if they fail. They are always afraid to embark on new things and adventures. They just want to stay in their own comfort zone and do things their way, without the knowledge of other people, even their own parents. And no one can never understand them, unless they open up and share their feelings and fears.

It is not easy for a shy person to overcome his/her shyness. It would take tons of guts and maybe years of trying to overcome that feeling of shyness. But if the person won’t do it, he/she would never overcome it and will remain shy for the rest of his/her life. 

If you are a shy person and have been trying hard to overcome your shyness, below are some tips that can help you gain self-confidence and outlive your shyness.

Know what causes your shyness. Assess yourself and determine why you feel shy in the first place. Is it your looks? If you feel you are not beautiful or handsome, don’t make it such a big deal. Not all people are handsome and beautiful too. Just remember that you are unique and people won’t judge you by the way you look. Your attitude and overall personality count a lot. Make your presence felt by gracefully carrying yourself everywhere you go. 

Accept your flaws. Learn to love yourself, because nobody will. Some people are good at criticizing other people and shy individuals would never know how to handle negative criticisms. If you experienced being criticized, accept the criticisms and consider it as a positive one that can help you improve for the better. Just remember that no one is perfect. Everyone has his/her own flaws.

Talk to everyone. If you feel shy because you think you are not a good conversationalist, try to overcome this by making it a habit to speak to everyone. Start by talking to one person a day. Saying “hi” or “hello” is enough. You can talk to persons you personally know or even those you don’t really know but are living within your community. When you think you are already comfortable talking to people, start making your conversations lengthy until you feel you already have the confidence to talk to a lot of other people around you. 

Educate yourself. You can start to overcome your shyness if you know the things that are happening around you. The more you understand the situation, the more you will become comfortable, making your shyness become less powerful.


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