Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Turning To Professionals In Treating Shyness In Children

Majority of children are normally outgoing and active. They love to mingle with other children, even those who are younger or older than them. That’s the nature of children. 

They are friendly and like to chat with other kids. 

That’s why when parents notice that their children are extremely shy, they would feel alarmed and would immediately seek professional help, thinking that something is wrong with their kids.

There is nothing wrong if parents turn to professionals to treat the shyness of their children. However, they should first do something to determine what causes the shyness. For sure, there are reasons behind it. If they go to a professional immediately, the child might think he/she is in big trouble and that he/she is having a very “acute illness” that only a professional can treat.

When a child feels shy, there is a reason for it and it is but appropriate that parents would do something to know these reasons. The early that parents know the cause, the sooner that the shyness can be remedied. Here are some tips that parents can do to help their kids overcome their shyness.

Heart-to-heart talk. Make time to talk to your children. Do something that can compel them to share their thoughts then ask them why they don’t like to play with other kids or why they don’t want to attend kids’ parties. If they tell you the reason, understand them and come up with possible solutions.

Organize events/activities in your home. Shy children often avoid attending parties. 

They don’t want to socialize. This is the reason why shy children usually don’t have friends. Help your children gain friends by organizing activities in your home and invite other kids in your neighborhood to attend. Hold the activity in your home because it is where your children would feel most comfortable and safe, because they are familiar with the place. Make sure that the activities will involve socializing to allow your shy kids to interact with other children. Never force your children to make friends when they don’t want to because you will just be making their condition worse.

Embrace positivity. There could be many negative thoughts running on the minds of shy children so it is your responsibility as parents to help them erase these harmful thoughts. If your children’s shyness is due to an unexplained feeling of fear, tell them there is nothing to be afraid of because you are there to protect them all the time. 

Assure them that nothing will happen as long as you are around. Sometimes, fear is just in the mind and what happens in reality is exactly the opposite. 

Complement your children. Some children avoid socializing with other kids because of the notion that they are not “friend” material and that other children would never get to like them. Tell your shy children that they are adorable and that other children would surely like them. All they need to do is to be open and approachable. 

There are many ways to help your children overcome their shyness though this depends on how they respond to your efforts.


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