Monday, February 23, 2015

Ways To Develop Confidence In Yourself

Do you always feel anxious when you are in a social event? Do you feel shy when surrounded by other people which makes you think you are like an ice cream that is about to melt? Then you certainly is a shy person.

Being shy is normal if you are in an unfamiliar place or is put in an unexpected situation. 

But once you are able to process the situation that you are in, your shyness will eventually go away.

It takes a lot of confidence for a shy person to conquer his/her fear and talk to other people he/she don’t know while attending a social event. And this confidence cannot be gained overnight. It has to be processed and practiced.

Below are some tips that can help you develop more self-confidence and overcome your shyness.

Believe in yourself. Having confidence starts in yourself and what you can do. You should believe in yourself that you can conquer your fear. Appreciate yourself and enhance whatever abilities you have. Think that you can start your passion in hiking even if you are asthmatic, or you can start learning how to swim even if you have a phobia on water. It’s just a matter of determination and perseverance. 

Practice good posture. The way you walk and carry yourself can give other people a hint as to how big or small your self confidence is. Those who have sloped shoulders and sluggish movement are believed to have low or no self-confidence at all. In contrast, those who always walk with their head up high and chin up with shoulders back and are always making eye contact every time they talk have high self-confidence. 

So practice having good posture since it can help you feel more confident. 

Exercise regularly. Doing regular exercise can help you increase your energy level which translates to having a positive state of mind. It can increase your self-confidence and will also improve your physical appearance.

Be adventurous. Do the things that can make you feel good about yourself. If you long wanted to try skiing, then do it. If you love listening to music or watching theater shows, by all means go for it. Doing these things can help you feel good and active.

Always think positive. Most often, negative thinking attracts negative vibes. When you always think negative, no good things will happen to you. If you always think you will fail in everything you embark on, you will certainly fail. It is our mind that sets things into action so make sure you think positive so that only positive things will happen to you. 

If other people criticize you, convert that into a constructive criticism so it can help you improve for the better. Never let negative thoughts rule over your mind.

Being confident can help you achieve greater things in life so work for it and make it as your stepping stone to success.


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