Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You Are Too Shy and You Avoid Going To Places?

Do you avoid going to crowded places? Are you always absent in social events because you are too shy to talk to other people?

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” chances are, you are suffering from chronic shyness.

Being shy is normal especially if you experienced this while in a strange place and is surrounded by people you don’t know. But if you feel this even if you are in familiar places and are with people whom you regularly see, then this is quite unusual. You need to get over this shyness before it becomes worse. Here are some tips that can help you get started.

Know the cause. Determine what makes you shy. Some shy people avoid attending social events for fear that other people would reject them and will never like them. If this causes your shyness, start treating this by thinking positive. Don’t ever think that other people will reject you because you don’t know them. You don’t know their likes and dislikes. Don’t judge other people based on your thinking.

Be positive. Don’t let fear rule over your mind. Your fear that other people will never get to like you is not making you good. Instead, start thinking that you are a friendly person and that other people will surely love to know you better.

Be realistic. Don’t allow your imagination to set at the corners of your mind. Live with the reality. And that reality is to make friends, enjoy life and do a little adventure. 

Start to make friends. The first step to overcoming your shyness is to start making friends. This is not easy to do considering that you fear meeting other people. But you can do it. Start by saying a simple “hi” or “hello” to the first person you meet in the morning. The next day, greet that person if you see him/her again. Later, you will become his/her friend. You will then realize that you are a friend material.

Be you. Show the real you, without pretenses. Majority of people don’t like “just-for-show” individuals who are fond of backbiting. They give praises when in front but once the other person is not around, they keep on saying negative comments.

Love yourself more. Always remember that you are unique and nobody would dare to love and understand you than yourself. Focus on your strengths and enhance it more. If a person doesn’t like you, it is not your fault. It’s her/his loss, not you. 

Complement other people. It feels good to be honest. If you like the way a person carries himself/herself, tell him/her upfront. If you like his shirt or her dress, then tell him/her. Be honest with your observation. Just one tip though, keep your complement simple, or you will be construed as a dishonest person. By giving complement to other people, you are sending a message that you want to become their friend. 

Being extremely shy is not an illness. It is something that any person can overcome, albeit not overnight.


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