Thursday, March 19, 2015

Buxxu Banks On Social Media Campaigns

Buxxu has recently started promoting its premium-selling product, Moscow Mule Copper mug on social media websites. The promotion is done with the sole intention to gain worldwide attention. The social media campaigning aims to bring all the customers together under roof in order to spread the word.

When contacted the representative of the company said that, "As the social media is gaining popularity on internet, we also thought to bring ourselves together on this platform in order to showcase our achievements." He further added, "All the necessary product related information will be posted on the social media websites."
The Buxxu Moscow Mule copper mugs are known for its retro look and appearance. These classic looking mugs are tarnish and rust free that can be easily maintained at home. It is manufactured using 100 percent solid and genuine copper. Possessing easy cleaning properties, the mugs can restore its lustrous shine by following correct methods of cleaning. 

The company is offering an iron clad satisfaction guarantee that simply means that the product is meant to last a lifetime or else the buyers get their money back. The solid copper mug is not only suited for serving traditional Moscow mule, but can also be used for any kind of cold beverages such as water, beer, Vodka and Whisky. They are not meant to serve hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

Because of its traditional and classic look, the copper mug is ideally suited and can be used for serving beverages and cocktails in themed party, small gathering, or get together. On placing an order the buyer is provided a free recipe eBook titled "Making the Most of Your Moscow Mule Mugs" as a bonus offer. The recipe book comprises of several recipes of cool beverages that can be easily made and served in the luxury defined mugs.


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