Monday, March 30, 2015

Buxxu Launches New Sales Video on Youtube

Buxxu, a renowned company announced the release of a new sales video in a small press meet here today. The video will present the Moscow mule copper mugs and its unique properties. The video will soon go live on

When contacted, the representative of the company said, "Yes, we are glad to launch our new sales video. The video is on final stages of production and it clearly defines the use of the mug." He further added, "In the video, we have listed out the creative ways of using the elegant mug."
Buxxu is a leading provider and manufacturer of traditional style copper mugs. These mugs are considered as a fabulous set of mugs and are widely used by those people who appreciate holding fancy things. Unlike any other kitchen accessory or crockery, these mugs are beautiful and elegant enough to enlighten any sort of theme party or birthday party and get together.

 The stylish copper mug is made using 100 percent heavy gauges copper which makes it weigh around 6.1 ounces. The mug is tough and aims to have a long shelf life throughout as it can be passed from generation to generation. These mugs are considered to be a kitchen's delight. With the interiors of the mug coated with thin lining of nickel, the mug is dishwasher safe and does not tarnishes on wash. In addition, the mugs are used to serve all types of cold beverages or cocktails in the extreme summers. The nickel coating and 100 percent solid copper used in manufacturing mugs helps the chillness of the drink too directly pass into  hands, lips and throat at a higher pace. 

When contacted Paul, a regular client of the company said, "This mug is perfect! It is beautiful look, sturdiness, and style is unmatched, I love using it! The color blends in just about anywhere"


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