Friday, March 13, 2015

Buxxu Offers Exciting Deals on Amazon for Copper Mugs

Buxxu is presenting an exciting deal for customers on its new product on The company is providing a discount offer of 10 percent on all purchases. The offer ends on March 17, 2015 at midnight.  Experts are considering the offer as an enticing way to attract many new customers and increase the sale of the product.

Speaking to media, a spokesperson from the company said, "Yes we are offering our valentine day special offer for our customers.  The special reason behind the same is to ensure that these special copper mugs reach out to more and more customers around the world." He further added, "Our aim is to promote excellence and class of copper made Mule Mugs among modern users. We will be announcing some more interesting offers for our customers in times to as well."

According to the sources, Buxxu Moscow Mule Mug is already attracting users from all over the world due to its specialties. A number of similar mug types are available in market but most are very thin and frail. Since these low quality cups are made from low quality materials, the coating starts to come off after few washes. "Buxxu's copper mugs are the quintessence of superiority in craftsmanship. The handcrafted shape and the copper coating make it perfect for enjoying drinks on various events and parties", says Buxxu. 

The Moscow Mule Mug by Buxxu has a food-safe coating on the complete outer and inner side that effectively helps in preparing safe drinks and also in keeping the tarnish away for a long time.  The product is available with reasonable prices, satisfaction guarantee and a free eBook. The eBook is filled with a number of amazing recipes including several variations of the Mule, the original Moscow Mule, and other special cocktails. It also offers extensive information about keeping the mug in good condition for long term. 


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