Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Buxxu Prides Amazing Copper Mugs; Invites More FB Friends

Buxxu is inviting consumers to become a friend on their Facebook profile page, and receive interesting recipes for holidays. Recently this renowned brand announced a special discount offer of 10 percent for the valentine day.

When contacted, a representative from the Buxxu said, "Yes, we invite people to join us on our Facebook page and get some interesting holiday recipes. Social media platforms are the best way to connect with each other and our Facebook page is giving you an opportunity to find several new recipes from our team and other Facebook friends on our page."

The Buxxu Moscow Mule Copper Mugs set is available with two pieces and are claimed as the best mugs to have wonderful Moscow Mule or several additional Icy Cold Beverages. The product is a perfect gift to be given to any friend or loved one on special occasions. One can enjoy their crisp cocktail and drinks on various themed parties and social gathering.

The Buxxu copper mugs are available on the biggest marketplace on internet Amazon with a replacement warranty and free bonus recipe eBook. The eBook includes a number of interesting recipes such as making the Most of Moscow Mule Mug, varieties of the popular Drink, and several more Cocktails. The product has a food-safe finish so that users can drink or eat in mugs cautiously without worrying about any metallic taste from nickel or copper. The coating also helps in eliminating tarnish so that mug maintain it shiner look for long term.

When contacted, Angela Jones, one of the users of the Buxxu Moscow Mule Copper Mugs said, "These mugs are the great gift for you or for others. They are beautiful and of the highest quality. Love the look and feel of them. While meant for Moscow Mule cocktails, they are also great for other cool beverages. Just putting chilled water with a slice of lemon makes for a cool and inviting drink. Highly recommend this product. You won't be disappointed!"


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