Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Buxxu Sells Copper Mugs for All Occasions

A top official of Buxxu Company announced the quality gift for all occasions during a press briefing Friday at the company's central headquarters in the United States.

Jewl Schulz, the company's marketing manager for operations in the greater United States said the product is extra ordinary. In fact, a lot of people are now making this Moscow mule mug as a quality gift for all occasions. 

"We believe in the quality of our product. This is one of the main reasons why many people buy our copper mugs on Amazon store," he pointed out.
He said people not only want product affordability but quality is also among its considerations when they buy products on Amazon store. "People don't buy easily because they have to choose the best which could guarantee long and lasting usage of the product. That's why they choose Buxxu for their copper mugs," Schulz told reporters in an interview. 

Richard Knowlez, one of the early buyers when the product was launched on Amazon said the copper mugs are amazing and they are good for wedding and birthday gifts. "That is true. I am now a regular buyer of this product as I give them to friends as gifts during their birthdays, weddings and all other fitting occasions," he clarified.
The Mugs come with a Free Bonus Recipe ebook 

"Making the Most of Your copper mugs - variations of the famous drink, plus other great cocktails" which has won almost as many reviews as the mugs themselves.  And while the mugs are great gifts and conversation pieces at parties, they are not recommended for hot drinks nor are they dishwasher safe.  It is recommended they be kept out of sight, putting them inside of a brown paper bag before storing which will definitely keep dust and different particulates off the mug. 


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