Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dark Spot Corrector On The Go

Even how hard we try to protect our skin, we still cannot prevent any infections from occurring. There are instances when even the most meticulous person still gets pimples, acne or dark spots in his or her skin. When that happens, we turn to skin care products to correct the skin condition.

Dark spots, specifically, can be treated and prevented. There are available skin care products that can be used to lighten the dark spots.
Dark spots are commonly caused by overexposure to the sun, which results to uneven pigmentation of the skin. People who have darker complexion such as Asians, Latin or African Americans are more at risk to getting dark spots due to excessive sun exposure. This is because their skin would tend to produce more melanin to naturally protect the skin.
Aside from overexposure to the sun, a simple scar from acne or pimple can also produce dark spots. But dark spots can be remedied. There are many dark spot correctors now sold in the market to lighten the dark area, which can be bought over the counter.Most dark spot correctors principally contain vitamin C, an important vitamin that also promotes the natural production of collagen -- a protein that maintains the elasticity, firmness and suppleness of skin. 
Vitamin C is believed to improve skin tone and clarity. It helps restore collagen and corrects skin discoloration, especially when it is mixed with white birch and peony extract.

Dark spot correctors work to treat dyspigmentation of the skin and lighten acne spots.
 Most darkspot corrector also contain other ingredients in addition to vitamin C. Most common of these ingredients are hydroquinone, niacinamide, retinol, arbutin, kojic acid and alpha hydroxy acid. 

Hydroquinone and kojic acid have been found to block the enzymes that produce melanin. However, dermatologists warn against excessive use of dark spot correctors that contain higher amount of hydroquinone, saying this is harmful and may lead to cell death. 

Hydroquinone is believed to be the reason why the late Michael Jackson had a “bleached” look.The recommended dosage for hydroquinone is 2%. Beyond that concentration is already harmful to the skin.Meanwhile, retinol works to exfoliate the excess pigment which will result to the lightening of the skin.
Dark spot correctors with glycolic acid and lactic acid are also found to be effective in exfoliating away excess pigment.Not all people can use the same dark spot corrector because its usage is based on a person’s type of skin. Dark spot correctors also vary from country to country. In Australia and Asia, the main ingredient used in most dark spot correctors is vitamin C.

Since the most common reason why some people get dark spots is overexposure to the sun, dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Or if possible, staying away from the sun is the better way to avoid getting dark spots.and depends on the skin type of people who will use it. It is important that consumers should know the main ingredients used in the product before using it.Though dark spot correctors are proven safe and effective, doctors say it is still best to stay away from the sun or at least use sunblock products that contain an SPF of 30 or higher.


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