Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Developing Confidence In Yourself

There are times when a person would feel shy and refrain from talking to people when they are in a social event. 

It is not unusual for people to feel shy especially when they are locked in unfamiliar situations or events. The shyness feeling would understandably show once they are put on the spotlight that they never expect would happen. 

Sometimes, shyness puts people in an uncomfortable situation.

Some people show feelings of nervousness, anxiety, fear or even panic attack every time they are asked to do something that they don’t usually do.

If you are one of them and the feeling of shyness persists and occur every time you are attending any social event, you have low self-confidence, or no confidence at all.

But there are things that you can do to overcome your feeling of shyness and boost your self-confidence. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Be yourself. Wear clothes that are comfortable -- the kind of clothes that make people identify you as you, not somebody else. Talk naturally using your normal voice and do the things that fit your style. Don’t pretend to be somebody else because other people will surely love you just the way you are. Being yourself can help you gain confidence because you will be able to express what is really on your mind.

Start to be assertive. Speak out what’s bothering you. Share your opinion and don’t sleep without telling them what you want. Don’t bring to bed all your regrets for not sharing your thoughts. Don’t give too much concern on other people’s reactions. Focus on your own views.

If you are afraid to talk to other people thinking you are not a good conversationalist, start by listening. When you finally have the chance to talk, say all what you would like to say. It would help if you start talking to a small group of people that you know. Practice doing some applicable social behaviors like eye contact or appropriate body language.


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