Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Discounts on Moscow Mule Mugs in March

If you are looking for today’s sought after product for wedding gifts, birthdays etc, don’t look further as executives of Buxxu Company recently announced more discounts coming up in March this year.
Jewl Schuls, Buxxu’s marketing manager in Wisconsin has confirmed the upcoming discounts on Moscow Mule Mugs.

“If I were to think of what could be easily accessible for wedding parties, debuts and all other forms of entertainment, then I would really recommend the Moscow mule mugs by Buxxu,” Schuls claimed.

The Moscow Mule Mugs made from 100% copper by Buxxu are the new rage in households that frequently organize parties and have guests come over. These mugs not only make for a beautiful container to hold lip smacking cocktails and mocktails but the fact that they are made from extremely high quality products makes it a sturdy and viable option as well. That combined with a whopping reduction in the price, it is an offer that cannot be missed.

Igor Tambultz, another account executive of Buxxu also said the products are highly recommended valuable gifts for all occasions. “Yeah, I can vouch for these Moscow mule mugs. They are made entirely with copper with the rims of the mugs in Nickel, which is completely optional. These mugs are available without the nickel lining as well. Besides, any mug deserves a strong, robust handle and in the case of the Buxxu Moscow Mule mugs, this job is done exceptionally well by the brass handles that attach themselves to the mug in a strong fashion.“


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