Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moscow Mule Mugs On Amazon by Buxxu

Buxxu is offering Moscow Mule Mug for Amazon customers. The company is known as the leading provider of the original copper mug. The product is available with cost effective prices and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

When contacted, a spokesperson from the Buxxu said, "Yes, we are providing best Copper Moscow Mule Mugs. We have taken very good care, while making these cups. Buxxu Moscow Mule Mug is handcrafted to excellence and is treated with a food safe covering to put off tarnishing and preserve the sparkly finish." He further added, "Buxxu has always come up with something very special for their customers and with each product we ensure the quality of the same. We are offering an ironclad guarantee where we will replace your cup in case of any type of damage."

Buxxu Moscow Mule Mug is useful for keeping the drinks Icy cold and impressing friends with its creativity.  The product has 100 percent Copper Outer finish along with a Nickel Lining. Moscow Mule mug is an ideal choice for themed parties or for having a refreshing and crisp cocktail. It also has a food-safe coating so that one can drink or eat in mugs safely without worrying about any metallic flavor from the nickel or copper. The coating also helps in removing tarnish so that mug maintain it shiner look for long term. 

According to the sources, Buxxu copper mug is quite different from several other Copper mule mugs in terms of quality and features. Buxxu cups are effective not just in keeping the drink cold but it also keeps on glistening in the light. These mule mugs have attraction from the old world. 

According to Buxxu, their Moscow Mule Mug is also available with a free recipe eBook that includes a number of delicious recipes such as the numerous variations of the Mule, innovative Moscow Mule and other cocktails. The eBook also includes important details about taking good care of the mug. Buxxu mugs also makes an exceptional gifts to be given to friends and loved ones on all special occasions.


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