Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moscow Mule Mugs Sales Increasing on Amazon, Says Executive

A top official of Buxxu Company has revealed Friday that the company’s product sales have been increasing.
“Yes, from over a hundred sales every day, our revenue is still growing. We hope this momentum would continue and we will hit our target mark in two months time,” Jewlz Schulz, the company’s marketing manager for ad campaigns said in an interview.

He said the company has a target of over a thousand in the next two months. This is the main reason they are also maximizing their online campaign on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social networking sites.
Meanwhile, Buxx’s marketing director said the level of enjoyment and satisfaction experienced by the company’s loyal buyers is definitely high, especially when they are wining or dining. “Sometimes it all depends on the quality of the mugs and plates they make use of."Inarguably, the aesthetic appeal that Moscow mule mugs offer would go along way to make users have a feel of luxury and happiness," he adds.

To that effect, while describing the product, he states that Buxxu mug is made of 100% solid copper with or without nickel lining, and it has a brass handle that offers a firm, non-slip grip. With its stylish and fanciful design, the product would help to make drinks taste better and as well keep them cold or icy for a long time.
Buxxu J. J. further confirms, saying, "Studies on the market have indicated that similar mugs are fragile and they are of low quality such that the finish might come off during washing until it eventually fades off. At both the design and the production stages, Buxxu took gave adequate attention to quality and durability; and as a result, the company has been able to come up with a product that can last for a lifetime."

According to him, Buxxu copper mugs are ideally safe for drinking all kinds of drinks out there. "They are perfect for entertaining purposes at home, and those that want to enjoy a classic cocktail can count on the product," Buxxu J. J. reveals. It's been reported as well that the company offers a free bonus drink recipe ebook to all prospective customers. He affirms that individuals that may want to learn some drink recipes can use the ebook to try out something new with the mugs.


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