Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hydra C Serum Revenue Starts To Sky Rocket In America

 A top official of Hydracol  reported on Wednesday that their company in the United States has started to sky rocket its revenue, after the product launch three weeks ago. Emma Grojnowski, owner and CEO of Hydracol said right after Hydra C launch, American consumers responded favourably and started to purchase the product straight away. "We are very excited to promote more products in the near future. our company, Hydracol, has been a big player in advanced skin care products for many years now. The American consumers will soon enjoy many of our very effective products," Grojnowski said.
Meanwhile, Debbie Shawn, 45, said Hydra C Serum will be loved by American consumers because of its amazing effects such as anti-ageing benefits, I noticed a difference after a week of using the product. "I bought Hydra C during the launch, I just tried it hoping something WILL HELP my wrinkles. Miracles happened after 14 days I saw great results," Debbie said. Hydra C Serum originated in Australia and it's been in the market for more than seven years," Emma Grojnowski, owner and CEO of Hydracol said during a press briefing.
Grojnowski also thanked consumers in America for their loyalty. She said the company would have not been very successful without the support of the American market welcoming Hydracol so openly.
About the product:
Hydra C is a Vitamin C Serum launched in Australia in 2007 by Hydracol. Presently, the company has already sold over 40,000 units. Hydracol top management also envisioned to introduce more skin care products in America after the very successful launch of Hydra C vitamin serum. - From


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