Thursday, October 15, 2015


A top official of Hydracol Company was elated by the positive response from the Americans during the product launch held recently in the land of milk and honey.
Emma Grojnowski, CEO of Hydracol said she was thrilled upon knowing that Americans have positively responded from the recent US product launch. Excitement reached the USA as loyal customers no longer have to pay for international postage for the products to be shipped from Australia. This launch has made it easy for US customers to get their supply of the The hydra C without allotting another budget for the shipping fee.
Customers from the US were purchasing several Hydra C serums at once to minimize the costs of international shipping. Due to the recent US launch this no longer needs to be the case.
" I was surprised by all the attention it got. The brand Hydracol  was launched in Sydney Australia in 2007 and it is confirmed by the experts as one of the trusted brands in Australia and around the world," the CEO stressed.
The many customers who have anticipated Hydracol's launch in the US due to the result driven effects the serum has on the skin. The serum can be easily absorbed by the skin. All of its effects are felt in an instant and results can be seen within 2 weeks.
Through the recent US launch, Emma Grojnowski was also overwhelmed by the warm welcome of Americans from the products. It is given that not all skincare products can be easily launched in other places aside from where it was originally developed. However, since the Hydra C Serum has already gained the trust of many skincare savvy individuals, its US launch was also considered a big success. From


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