Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Customers Like Hydra C Serum Product

Hydracol Beauty Company gained momentum this week as more customers visit the amazon store and bought Hydra C Serum.

Linky Hyams, one of customers said she's been using Hydra C for just over a month and he loves it. Her skin feels smoother and compared to all the other products she used. "I have given the Hydra C Serum a 5 star rating for several reasons: 1. Hydra C does not irritate my skin. I have applied it after my Derma Roller and it doesn't sting. The Hydra C serum does NOT sting my face. 2. I have not developed any allergy and I am sensitive. 3. The benefits of the Hydra C feel the same as much more expensive serums I have used," Hyams concluded.

Emma Grojnowski, Hydracol owner and CEO said she was overwhelmed with the amazing responses of American consumers after the product was launched in the United States a few weeks ago. "We don't expect the overwhelming support of the American market to our product. What I can assure them is that we have the best beauty product ever produced," she stressed.

Hydra C Serum has been in the market in Australia for more than 7 years before it was introduced in the United States. The sale per unit has already reach 4,000 according to the company CEO during an interview. "Soon we will launch our massive campaign on social media and Facebook so that we can reach to a wider audience. We are very confident that our product is already tried and tested and it will invite more people to buy," Grojnowski said. - From


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