Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kid Who Killed Own Teacher by Stabbing Also Stab A Grade Five Student

Texts: Joel C. Escol
Photo credit: Allen David Kulot

A grade nine and 15-year-old boy who stab to death his own teacher-adviser inside their classroom also stab a grade five student in the previous year.

The teacher victim, Vilma Cabactulan, was stabbed three times by one of her grade nine students who is only a minor. The suspect, Jimboy, (not his real name) was only a 15-year-old student of the Pedro “Oloy” N. Roa Sr High School in Sitio Calaanan, Canitoan, this city.

Jikkan Naga, a student of Pedro Oloy Roa High School told this paper he knew the suspect. “Kaila ko ana niya. Nakadunggab pud na siya ug grade five sauna,” he did not elaborate.
Jikkan said the student that the same suspect stabbed in the previous year survived said slay try and still enrolled at the same school. “Pero buhi man tong iyang gidunggab sa una.”

This paper also managed to scan on the boy’s Facebook account and discovered two images which had the note “Lil Killer.” But said account has no photos of himself except for anime photos which can describe what he likes while facebooking.

Another student analyzed that the two images with the wording “Little Killer,” is a manifestation he has psychological problems. But added only an expert psychologist can confirm as to the real condition of the boy.

Meanwhile, a top official of the Department of Education said he will endorse for stress de-briefing of students in said school to control the trauma the students experienced when they witnessed how their own classmate stabbed their class adviser at her back for three consecutive times which caused her instant death.

Police investigators at Bulua Police Station,  SPO4 Dominador Datahan said they immediately responded at the said school and recovered a seven-inch knife allegedly used by the suspect in stabbing the teacher. Police also recovered the suspect’s bag and other belonging which he left after the stabbing incident.

Later in the afternoon also yesterday, the suspect surrendered to the Bulua Police Station after he was convinced by his uncle and parents.

PO1 Marian Tolentino at the WCPD section also reported the boy’s revelation that there were actually three of them who have reportedly drawn slots who will stab the teacher. And it was very unfortunate that it was Jimboy who was scolded yesterday because of not focusing in the class and instead he kept on using his cell phone even during class hours. 

"He only said that he was particularly and repeatedly reprimanded and humiliated by their teacher. Also according to his side of the story, it was not only him who had the grudge against their teacher,” Tolentino said.


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